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The Rivercrest Beginning Band

Welcome to the Rivercrest Beginning Band!

Brass and Clarinets attend class with Mr. Durham.

Percussion and Saxophones attend class with Mr. Isom.

Flutes attend class with Student Teacher Ms. Dunlap.

Required Class Materials and Characteristic Instrument Sounds are linked on the right.

Concert Repertoire


This Week


MP Buzzing and Breathing exercises

Ode to Joy - 2.1

Lip Slur Exercises


C, F, Bb Major Scales, Note Reading 

(Whaley #1)

Full Band

Rhythm Sheets

Dotted Note Review

Bb Major Scale

Ode to Joy - 2.1


Shoo Fly - 2.20

 - Chair test on Thursday

Three's a Crowd - 3.2

Bb Major Scale

Pg. 48 Practice


Media and Materials