Rivercrest Bands


Congratulations to the following students for placing in one of the ASBOA All-Region Bands!

ASBOA Region V Senior High Band

William Beckett - Percussion, 1st Band 1st Chair*

Jude Tucker - Bari Sax, 1st Band 1st Chair*

Elijah Wynne - Percussion, 1st Band 2nd Chair*

Mercades Mauppins - Bass Clarinet, 2nd Band 2nd Chair

Richard Beckett - Tuba, 2nd Band 8th Chair

Keiran Morris - Percussion, 2nd Band 9th Chair

ASBOA Region V Junior High Band

Ashton Cox - Percussion, 1st Band 2nd Chair

Caitlin Reese - Flute, 1st Band 8th Chair

Katey Ostendorf - Flute, 1st Band 11th Chair

Chalyse Richardson - Bass Clarinet, 2nd Band 1st Chair

Jonah Tucker - Bari Sax, 2nd Band 1st Chair

Whitleigh Luff - Tenor Sax, 2nd Band 2nd Chair

Nolan Williams - Trombone, 2nd Band 5th Chair

Bobby Parks - Euphonium, 2nd Band 5th Chair

Gabbi Wynne - Percussion, 2nd Band 12th Chair

Noah Carter - Percussion, Alternate

Addison Johnson - Clarinet, Alternate

ASBOA Region V High School Jazz

Jude Tucker - Bari Sax, 2nd Band 1st Chair

Omar Valenzuela - Tenor Sax, Alternate


The Rivercrest Band program is dedicated to providing an outstanding artistic experience through rigorous performance opportunities, and a curriculum that develops each individual’s musical ability as well as their character.

Through the study and performance of the highest quality musical literature, the Rivercrest Band program allows individuals to develop musical artistry, poise, confidence, and self-discipline. They develop an understanding and love for the art of music, and the process for success in every aspect of their life.

The Band membership reflects the cultural and economic diversity in our community, brought together in a joyful, caring and supportive environment.